Song Arrangements

The songs:

In Christ Alone (Townend/Getty)
In The Bleak Midwinter
Unchanging (Great is Your Faithfulness) (Tomlin)

Welcome to the heart of this site!

Over recent years, I’ve been using skills honed at London School of Theology‘s Music & Worship Department and my role in churches as a worship music coordinator, to create written arrangements of worship songs and hymns that help a band (and the congregation) to:

  • get outside the constraints of the ‘piano reduction’ music you often find in worship songbooks and hymnals
  • add in extra musicians and instruments as available, without cluttering the overall sound
  • better express and support the lyrics

Because I have the opportunity to work in a few different worship contexts, I’m building up a repertoire in a variety of styles and with a variety of instrumentation. From time to time I get asked for copies of arrangements I’ve done, so I thought: why not find a way to share these things easily and legally? I’ve consulted CCLI, and they’re happy for me to share the arrangements I’ve worked on. As long as those who use them have the appropriate CCLI license, and include these songs in their usage reports, then their use is legal.

As this site grows, I hope I can gather and include arrangements from a wider community of church musicians. Do you do something similar in your church? If so, do please get in touch.

My hope is that you’ll find something here that helps you and your band expand what you’re doing, or at least saves you from completely reinventing the wheel!

Daren Allder

Using the arrangements

  • Where the song is not in the public domain (i.e. it’s under copyright), it can be covered under your CCLI license – see / For songs under copyright, you will need a valid CCLI license in order to use these arrangements legally.
  • I grant permission to use (and adapt if required) the arrangements that you find on this site, for use in your church. I don’t give you permission to pass the files on to people outside of your church – but do please refer your friends to this site, where they can obtain their own copies.
  • Please give me your feedback if you download, use, or even just listen to, an arrangement. I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions.

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